Artist Bio

Jennifer Bauser is an American painter and metalsmith. She received a BFA from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, focusing on painting, figure study and metal, and a Master of Architecture from Norwich University, Vermont, with a focus on CGI and fabrication. Her work ranges in media from painting, wearable and sculptural metalwork, architectural and sculptural landscape design, and CGI.

The influence of organic, natural formation is evident across the various media in her body of work. Bauser incorporates the use of strong, linear movement and intense, vibrant color in both painting and metalwork. On canvas she depicts everyday objects that are infused with subtle yet unmistakable sensuality. The work reveals an intimate, almost voyeuristic observation of the implied and inferred sensuality of natural forms. Her technique and imagery combine to create beautiful, evocative, joyful paintings.

Bauser’s work in the area of architectural design strongly informed her interest in the con- temporary public art movement. The beautification of our urban public spaces, schools and community environments through the addition of 2 and 3 dimensional art is crucial to the creation of vibrant, thoughtful and well cared for gathering spaces that simultaneously enliven, empower, and solidify diverse community populations. The translation of her works on canvas to large scale wall pieces hover between the bold urgency of street art and the ancient artistic practice of public muralism often combined with abstract wall sculpture. As a concept artist and computer illustrator, Jennifer demonstrates a bold, quirky interpretation of the built environment, social interaction and natural beauty.